• Gold: 1,200.90 1.88
  • Silver: 14.46 0.19
  • Euro: 1.177 0.002
  • USDX: 94.11 -0.075
  • Oil: 72.32 0.06

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 14.46 14.47
Low|High 14.22 14.56
Change 0.19  1.33% 
Sep 25, 2018 13:18:15 EST
1 mo -0.2926 -1.98%
1 yr -2.6544 -15.51%
Low|High 13.94 17.70

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,200.91 1,200.99
Low|High 1,197.12 1,203.37
Change 1.89  0.16% 
Sep 25, 2018 13:18:27 EST
1 mo -4.91 -0.41%
1 yr -107.33 -8.2%
Low|High 1,160.27 1,366.08

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 83.00 83.05
Low|High 82.61 84.21
Change -1.0176  -1.21% 
Sep 25, 2018 13:18:21 EST
1 mo +2.0012 +2.47%
1 yr +6.664 +8.73%
Low|High 74.15 85.17

Silver Edition


Frank Holmes, September 24, 3:41 pm

The best performing metal this week was palladium, up 7.80 percent, scoring an eight-month high of $1,053.40 on Thursday, due to stockpiling by China, writes Kitco News. The World Gold Council reported this week that central banks added a net total of 193.3 tonnes of gold to their reserves in the first six months of 2018, representing an 8 percent increase from the same period in 2017 and the strongest first half of the year since 2015.

SilverCOTReport, September 21, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - September 21, 2018

Eric Sprott, September 21, 2:53 pm

“I have a view of markets, OK? It’s almost like, whatever the narrative is at the time, you know it’s likely to reverse. For example, I look at the Emerging Markets that got hammered, hammered, hammered. Next thing you know: Whoomp! Away they go, they turn around to the upside. It’s like this Invisible Hand comes into the market. So, you look at the gold market, and as you and I both know, we’re at the 50-day, and we’re thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s going to break out of a down trend that it’s had for the last three or four months. It goes right to the line and bang! Right back down again. And viciously down.”

Theodore Butler, September 21, 11:56 am

Shortly after I posted publicly last week’s article, “Is the COT Report Still Valid?,” commentary on my article was posted by Chris Powell, from GATA, suggesting that I consider the possibility that JPMorgan may be operating in the silver and gold markets as an agent under orders from the US Government and not as a principal for its own account (as I believe). I want to thank Chris for offering his input and I’m not kidding when I say it’s much better for an article to generate interest than to be ignored.

SRSrocco, September 19, 10:50 pm

The sales of Silver Eagles surged in September as the U.S. Mint removed their temporary supply restriction. As the silver price continued to trend to new lows at the beginning of the month, several large purchases of Silver Eagles by the Authorized Dealers wiped out the inventory at the U.S. Mint. The U.S. Mint had cut back on its monthly supply due to the falling demand.

Hubert Moolman, September 19, 9:47 am

A key difference between silver and gold prices is the fact that silver already bottomed in 1993, whereas gold bottomed only in 1999. This means that from 1993 to 1999 silver was actually in an uptrend, while gold was still caught in a downtrend. This little known fact might not have been so important to date; however, it might become more important as this bull market progresses.

Theodore Butler, September 17, 12:27 pm

Eric Sprott, September 14, 3:21 pm

“The whole premise for gold going down, which is this phony premise about the strong dollar and that interest rates are going up, it’s just a narrative that covers for what’s going on in the paper market. It’s just a narrative, OK? The reality is that… we talked last week about India buying 100 tonnes of gold in August. I mean, that was an incredible purchase! … And various central banks have been buyers of gold… It’s like, man, there’s not going to be enough gold around. So, I think we’re looking good.”

SilverCOTReport, September 14, 3:15 pm

COT Silver Report - September 14, 2018

SRSrocco, September 11, 10:34 pm

While the precious metals are totally off the radar by the majority of investors, silver is setting up for one major bull market. Yes, it’s hard to believe as the gold and silver prices have been trending lower while the broader markets grind up higher, but if we look at the fundamental and technical indicators, the stock market and precious metals are now at extreme opposites.

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